Harrods Toy Kingdom

In the summer of 2012 LPM Bohemia were commissioned by Harrods to create an ‘Enchanted Forest’ as part of their multi-million pound revamp of the toy department.


The brief to the interior design consultancy Shed was to ‘create the best toy shop in the world’.

For this new magical Toy Kingdom we arduously brought to life gnarled sinuous old Yew trunks from the ’87 storm with weeks of sanding, rubbing and polishing to create the Enchanted Forest. The highly polished Yew grain portrays perfectly the curious fairy tale feel that was required.

With challenging deadlines to work to, the trees had to be attached securely within the building itself with supportive girders inside the Yew trunks. The trees were then magically brought to life with whispering fairies, twinkling LEDs, bird boxes and forest sound-bites.


Simultaneously, we created a number of very unusual shaped curved yurt-like wooden structures to house merchandising amongst the trees with highly polished Yew benches. The design brief was extremely difficult to adhere to but once successfully achieved, the next challenge was to physically get them in to the store! Too big to access the conventional delivery routes, our structures had to be squeezed through the customer doors by night, only just fitting!

The yurt structures stand proud on the forest floor and house the latest collections of Sylvanian Families and PlayMobil, amongst arts and crafts.

The project was a fabulous challenge and a true triumph – and would not have been possible without the genius of creative aficionado Robert Pinnock.


Dubbed as ‘retail entertainment’, we highly recommend an awe-inspiring visit with the children to this 26,000-square-foot multi-sensory toy department.





Our enchanted forest is nestled amongst an intergalactic science lab, a circus arena, a reading room, a curious sweet emporium and toy ‘grand canyon’ ; all part of the new Harrods Toy Kingdom 4D experience.

“Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone for creating what is without doubt the greatest and most spectacular Toy department anywhere in The World.

All of your toil and endeavours have created something truly magical that will amaze children and parents alike for many years to come.

Harrods has a long tradition of being the first and best in many things but this surpasses everything.

In my 7 years of working here I have been privileged to be involved and to witness some truly spectacular openings and events but can honestly say nothing compares to this.”

David Miller 

Business Unit Director
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