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Bespoke Structures & Pavilion Manufacture

Mobile architecture and Semi permanent structures for private and corporate use. LPM Bohemia has a comprehensive experience in the design and manufacture of semi permanent and mobile structures including its very own hard wood Pavilion range. We are happy to work with your requirements and create a bespoke solution.

Bespoke Structures & PavilionsBespoke Structures and Pavilions – A bit of history

The hire side of LPM Bohemia has been designing and developing its own structures to keep ahead of it’s competitors for over ten years, creating designs such as its own Pavilion range – a unique collection of structures made from oiled hard-wood beams that can entertain in excess of 1000 people. With the philosophy that all structures should be as much about aesthetics as practicality this experience has been turned into creating one-off structures for a variety of clients.

Whether a one-off function space or a structure to increase the seated capacity of a hotel or venue our aim is always for every structure to compliment the space in which it sits.


Please enquire as to all material options. In recent years advances in Glue laminated timber has made wood a viable alternative to metal in increasingly sophisticated designs.

Fabrics too have continued to evolve creating solutions that blend the practical elements of synthetic fibers with the traditional feel of cotton canvas fabrics.


Sizes and specifications to be discussed.


How long should my tent last?

You may be able to include it in your will!

Please feel free to contact our national branch with any questions you may have no matter how small.