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Event Management & Design

LPM Bohemia offer a full Event Management and Design service to help with the planning intricacies of your function.

With over 12 year’s  experience at the top of the events industry we understand how the success of an event is achieved through seamless planning and have witnessed how things can potentially be overlooked if there is no designated event manager.

While we appreciate that event management is only appropriate at certain scales of event, we are happy to discuss at what level if any you would like our involvement to be.

It might be a case of co-ordinating the various contractors and timings of suppliers so that the set-up, the event itself and then the de-rig, all run smoothly. Often this can spread over 2-3 weeks and needs to be kept focused until the last field gate has been shut.

Another scenario may be at the level of creative design consultation. We have been involved in a lot of unusual and often quirky event creations and have a wealth of experience to tap in to. Coupled with a large stock of decorations, props and comprehensive workshops and textiles department, we relish designing tented scenarios, bars and back stage boudoirs, particularly when it comes to Experiential campaigns.

At the highest level we can take on your event in the capacity of an all-inclusive Event Management and Design role where we would dedicate one of our experienced event planners to the success of your event.

Please feel free to approach us with your ideas and we are happy to apply the appropriate level of involvement required.

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