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As well as tents we provide a range of flooring, staging and dance floor solutions.

The most usual and practical flooring option in a tent is Coir Matting; coconut hessian matting laid in strips.

Another option is to have a brand new carpet in any choice of colour – we will recommend the best colours to go for.

Where needed, we supply wooden flooring in our tents to overcome uneven and boggy ground, giving a firm base to which a carpet can be laid on.


Modular Wooden Parquet dance floor is available as standard. We can also supply a unique black and white circular dance floor of a nautical compass design. This works wonderfully in our Pavilion range as a central focal point.

Any size of stage is available .

Stage and Flooring we can provide:

  • Dancefloor
  • Staging
  • Coco matting
  • Carpet (in a variety of colours)
  • Flooring