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We pride ourselves on introducing a new and interesting range of linings each year for our tents.

Our in-house textiles department designs the patterns and sources the very best natural fabrics. In collaboration with our screen and block printers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we can offer the finest natural pigments and cloths.

Lining designs include classical, floral, neutral, art deco and have been inspired from Edwardian wall paper prints to ancient Moghul drawings.

We have a stunning new range of Botanical prints this year and are pleased to announce the commission of a beautiful wall lining design by highly acclaimed artist Charlotte Day.

While our wide range of wall linings are suitable for most types of structure, it is the Traditional and Vintage Canvas Pole Tents that lend themselves particularly well to the roof linings.

We are very happy to discuss the merits of combining the more detailed wall linings with a simple roof lining and vice versa. There are interesting colour combinations that we can advise on and should be taken in to account when considering floral design and colour scheming.