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Lapland UK

This winter we were commissioned by Lapland UK to build one of our Orangery designs – based on the Yurt principle and yet a much larger venue space creating a gorgeous welcome area with a magical woodland feel. Architecturally the Orangery is evocative of Victorian glass houses with a palatial feel, the whale-rib roof structure… Read more »

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Tent Hire in the Cotswolds

The Orangery

LPM Bohemia is pleased to announce the opening of our West branch based in the Cotswolds.

We will now be able to service Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties at much reduced delivery costs. We look forward to helping with your celebrations in this region. Read more »

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LPM Bohemia launch in Europe

Excitedly, we announce the launch of our tents and services in Europe.

Bohemia Tents France will be operating from the stunning Auvergne region. Famed for its Charcuterie and home of the pungent Bleu d’Auvergne cheese, the Auvergne is part of the Massif Central; the largest volcanic area in Europe. Highly capable and passionate craftsmen the Koch brothers will be providing LPM Bohemia’s tents across the whole of… Read more »

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A Russian Medieval Weekend in Ireland

Russian Medieval Weekend

In September 2012 LPM Bohemia were requested to re-create a living medieval village at Lismore Castle In Ireland complete with livestock, historic tradesmen, crafts and interactive living history.

The weekend consisted of the best of food, drink and entertainment within the castle and grounds over the course of a long weekend. The party of 25 extended family members visiting from Moscow were able to experience the best of Irish culture both modern and Historic from period re-enactments and musical performances to hauntings, treasure hunts, fine food… Read more »

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Traditional Canvas Pole Tent in Cath Kidston Photoshoot


Our Traditional Canvas Pole Tent has featured in a Cath Kidston Photoshoot

Following the success of the Cath Kidston end of year party we provided the tent for in London, LPM Bohemia were asked to provide a Traditional Canvas Pole Tent for a Cath Kidston photoshoot. We are pleased that it worked so well for them and is currently on their web site homepage. Thanks to all… Read more »

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