Creative wedding planners Pocketful of Dreams share some top tips and styling your dream marquee

Creative wedding planners Pocketful of Dreams have been responsible for a truly spectacular array of weddings over the years, working with the UK's very best suppliers from florists to calligraphers, cake-makers to crafters and even us here at LPM Bohemia. They are known for their creative approach to wedding planning, vowing to move heaven and earth when seeking the perfect finishing touches that bring an occasion to life

Founder and Creative Event Designer Michelle Kelly has shared her top tips for styling a marquee wedding:

A Grand Entrance: Make it welcoming like you would your own home with rugs and flowers surrounding the entrance

TabithaSpencerweb-0651 - CopyLook Up: Those huge ceiling are just calling out for decorations, so add instant drama and create that real wow-factor with a bespoke installation, hanging floral chandeliers are hot this year. TabithaSpencerweb-0484Work with linings: Patterned and coloured linings create interest in the space and can mean you need far less decor and florals to fill the space.

Furniture: It’s more than just functional but a design element in it’s own right so choose wisely: darker woods add warmth, lighter woods look fresh, metal adds a funky edge, ghost chairs give a contemporary twist whilst colour adds interest.

TabithaSpencerweb-0082TabithaSpencerweb-0483TabithaSpencerweb-0044Create Zones: Don’t try to fill every inch of the tent with decor and details, instead focus on creating a few key zones such as a chill-out area filled with vintage furniture;  a bar area, signpost it with a custom bar sign; cake or desserts table, add flowers and foliage or create an eye-catching backdrop, you could even use this space to display yours and your bridesmaids bouquets.TabithaSpencerweb-0519

Interactive Stations: It helps to keep things fresh, ensuring guests have different things to explore throughout the day. Think about how to make your guestbook more inviting, create A DIY photobooth with a funky backdrop or play to your favourite vices with a tequila and (temporary) tattoo parlour.

Lighting: The style of lighting can also really enhance the space, we’ve used beautiful teardrop crystal chandeliers in the past to add elegance to a marquee space, if you’re going for something more industrial chic then look to hiring in a canopy of naked edison bulbs, for a more rustic aesthetic find chandeliers made from rope and wood.TabithaSpencerweb-0779

Born from a desire to create captivating and unforgettable experiences for their clients and their guests, Pocketful of Dreams design, style and deliver a whole host of events from weddings to special celebrations, all tailored to their clients’ own tastes and personalities. Drop them a line today to see how they can help with your own marquee wedding or visit their fabulous website Pocketful of Dreams

Images by Chris Barber Photography.

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