2014 is upon us and wedding season is just around the corner. This year is going to be the year of true romance with the wedding vibe being one that is a little softer and sweeter. We’re going back to the days when all men were chivalrous and mums cried into their lace hankies. Think emotional, classic and the elegance of the 1920’s and you’ll be right on track to wedding heaven!


Neutrals, peaches, blushes and soft pink are back in style with the bolder colour schemes taking a backseat this year.

Wedding dresses are romantic and vintage in their style, pretty and pink with veils both dramatic and long flowing. Lots of lace, crystals and fine embellishments will be gracing weddings up and down the country.

In the cooler months brides will be under capes, boleros and wraps with fur or silk giving them a classic bridal look.

Flowers will be lush and truly romantic and wedding invitations will be small and delicate with free hand drawings very much part of their design.

Meals will be served for guests to share, in a family-style service creating a more intimate and less formal feel, but, be prepared for plenty of art deco, silverware, crystal, damask and mirrors on the table. Pre-dinner cocktails are making a real come back too!

And wedding cakes stay classic multi-tiered white or ivory, and if there are accents, expect them to be light in the blush and neutral tones.

Again, festival and themed weddings are going to be hugely popular still, as will the country vintage style perhaps with a little more emphasis on ‘chic’ rather than ‘shabby’!

Whatever theme you decide upon, here at LPM we’ll most certainly have it covered when it comes to your choice of marquee or tent!

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